Bible Study – 9/05/19

Growing from this Place Subject: From partial to complete

In this week’s edition of Growing from this Place Bible Study, Pastor Jonathan McKnight looks into the concept of going from partially obtaining something through your own abilities, to completely receiving it through God. He prefaces the study by posing the question, “How many times in life when you’ve going through a situation, and you had an outcome, vision, thought or dream, and it seemed like only a percentage of either one of these was manifested?”

He identifies that in these moments, it appears that you are only dealing with the partial or percentage of happiness, not total happiness, due to an issue, circumstance or situation to where nothing seems to bring fulfillment or is complete. Here are the key points of this week’s study:

  • What do you when your dreams are slowly fading, your vision is blinding and you’re trying to make sense out of what God is doing when trying to trust in Him?
  • How can you move forward when it seem like everything is moving backwards?
  • How do you recover from being blindsided by something?
  • What do you look to when you can’t see clearly, and things are looking blurry when you are trying use your faith in trusting God?
  • How can you grow from an unknown place when you are trying to see, trust and be led by God but you are nervous and fearful deep down inside because things are not making sense?
  • God has a purpose in the unfamiliar. He creates this sense of total dependence on Him so that you can’t rely on your vision to solve your problems.
  • When you are going through a process of waiting on God or been blindsided, the enemy will try to capitalize on your trust in God by getting you to look at your flaws.
  • The enemy will try to get you think that God is bullying and punishing you whenever something goes wrong, as if you are being penalized.
  • When you go through that mindset that God is penalizing you, then you become complacent in your walk with God, and when you go through that unfamiliar process, your faith begins to waver when it seems nothing is working.
  • You have trust Him when you can’t trace Him.
  • Your intellectual ability cannot determine God’s divine process on how He’s going to handle a particular situation.
  • Sometimes when you are going through life, it seems like the partial we settle for.
  • The longer you go through a situation, the blurrier your vision becomes, and you only start thinking and believing in the partial.
  • At this point the more than enough doesn’t even matter and your faith becomes wavering.
  • You have to stand on the faith that you are going to go from partial to complete.
  • Don’t settle or compromise the real picture of the things that you are expecting from God.
  • Sometimes when you are going through a process, you are going to lose some people, or your friends are going to decrease.
  • How many times that God has does something for you, but you forgot?
  • Sometimes your faith will be tested by people around you.
  • In some cases, people will bring situations and problems to you to see how you going to handle it.
  • Everyone that has comment about your process won’t have a commitment.
  • You can’t look at your flaws, the process or people, but look up to God to get the complete in order to not settle or compromise for the complete. You are going from partial to complete.

Scripture Reference
Mark 8: 22-25