Music & Song

Here at Sanctuary of Praise Ministries, we pride ourselves on offering up our sincerest praise and worship to our God. With this in mind, the Music & Song Ministry plays a crucial role in our services when it comes to spear-heading the move of God.

Black male playing the guitar

Our musicians, praise team, and choir, fully understand the importance of being in the right place and the right frame of mind when it comes to setting the atmosphere worship and ushering in the Spirit of the Lord in His house. To be able to sing and play skillfully before the One that gave you the ability to do so, is one of the greatest honors that anyone could ever achieve and should not be taken lightly.

Like with anything, to be great at singing and/or playing before our God, takes passion, commitment and dedication to perfection in offering up these services to Him in the spirit of excellence. It also takes practice and sacrifice in order to achieve a level of anointing in these spiritual constructs that not only infect the House of God with total praise, but to also affect peoples' way of thinking by taking their minds off of what they're going through and focusing them on praising the Lord.

Piano keys and a drum kit upclose

This ministry is an important part of who we are, what we do and what we are about at Sanctuary of Praise Ministries. God treasures those who treasure Him and have a heart for Him, His people, and a willingness to lift Him up in song and music, regardless of what he or she are going through.

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