Bible Study – 8/22/19

Growing from this Place Subject: In an unlikely place

In this week’s edition of Growing from this Place Bible Study, Pastor Jonathan McKnight looks into the concept of when you are following Jesus (God), there is the potential that you can end up in an unlikely place. He prefaces the study by highlighting that at some point in our lives, situations and circumstances have allowed us to end up in places that we never would have planned or expected to be in.

Many times, when you are going through life, regardless of how much you have planned, something shifts, and you may end up in an unlikely place. Here are the key points of this week’s study:

  • When you are in the midst of an unlikely place, we need the word of God to be taught in our lives so we can become what God wants us to become.
  • Oftentimes, when you end up in an unlikely place, you will meet people that will give suggestions but can’t give solutions.
  • You need cautious about people who can offer suggestions but can’t offer solutions.
  • When you end up in a place, people can recognize what you don’t have, yet be willing to send you away without being a help to you.
  • A suggestion doesn’t cost as nearly enough as a sacrifice, especially when it comes down being the source of a need.
  • It’s easy to suggest, but it takes more to sacrifice.
  • It’s important that before you start making so many suggestions, you need to make sure you have a sacrifice in place, while knowing that the solution needs to come from God.
  • Sometimes it’s not about how much you have left; it’s knowing that you have something left even if you are in an unlikely place.
  • You have to keep your praise, prayer life, positive mindset and words when you are in an unlikely place.
  • Keep something that you can give to God even it may not be money or something tangible.
  • If you are in a situation that you never thought you would be in, didn’t expect, or ordered and seems like it’s overwhelming, God has you right where He wants you, but make sure you keep your praise, your prayer life and rest.
  • Sometimes you can’t look at people because they are on different level than you are and will start to question the obedience of God because they are stuck on their own logic and no having faith.
  • But you got to look up at God when striving to do something miraculous in an unlikely place because it takes faith to trust Him do something that doesn’t make sense to others.
  • Just because people are around you don’t mean they with you. They may be around you, but they are not in your heart. Some people will be around you and bring you less of something for the sole purpose to see you fail.
  • God will bless you before He break you. He doesn’t break you to bless, but when He bless you, the blessing becomes the brokenness.
  • Once you have been blessed and broken, you become ready for the multiplication and a become a blessing to others.
  • If you can’t stop complaining about the place that God has you in, and start being grateful about the people who are with in that place, He will be with you and bless you in that place, if you just trust Him.

Scripture Reference
Mark 6: 32-44