Bible Study – 8/15/19

Growing from this Place Subject: Going to where I’ve never been

In this week’s edition of Growing from this Place Bible Study, Pastor Jonathan McKnight looks into the concept of having the faith to trust God when going to a place, whether spiritually or naturally, that you’ve never been. He prefaces the study by highlighting that In going to where you you’ve never been you have to understand that you getting there is based on timing and you can stay stagnant and let time pass you by.

You must understand that time is not stopping so why are you. Sometimes we don’t make a move towards going to where we’ve never been because some form of unspoken fear. Here are the key points of this week’s study:

  • An unspoken fear equals out to be when timing informs your emotions that you’re losing trust.
  • You must regain your trust in God in order to get to where you’ve never been.
  • As soon as something happens, fear sets in where faith should set in.
  • You can’t stay where you are, but you have to use your faith to get to where you’ve never been.
  • Be careful of being around people that try to cause panic around you attempting to go somewhere with God that you’ve never been. Don’t let no one panic you out of faith.
  • You have to trust God and in doing so, you must understand that you can’t look into your plans.
  • Don’t smart your way out of Gods plans for you. Trust in Him through the process He’s going to take you through to get you where you’ve never been.
  • If you are going to get to where you have never been, you cannot expect that is not going to be any winds or any adversity.
  • There is going to be some betrayal, some pain, some shame, some regret and some discoveries.
  • That are some unexpected things that will happen test your faith to see if you are going to trust Him while you are in the middle of getting to the place you never been.
  • You can smart your way out of favor and your blessing when you try to go out of your way to do something without God because you can’t trust Him.
  • The Lord will never send you to a place you have never been by yourself if your faith is with you.
  • God hangs around faith.
  • The question becomes, “Where is faith, not where is God?” when you going to uncharted territory.
  • Where there is faith, there is God.
  • God wants to reveal your walk with Him by the type of faith have.
  • Understand that the tests and trials that He allows you to go through reveal where you are, and where you are not.
  • With Siri, you can key in an address and then you will know where you are going, but when going to a place you’ve never been in God, you have to trust Him when don’t know where you are going.
  • You must understand the power of trusting God to take you somewhere you’ve never been.
  • You have to realize that everybody’s pathway is not the same and that you can’t bring your map with God’s map.
  • Winds are going to come when going to a place you never been, but know that when Jesus spoke, “Peace be still” on the ship, that was for everyone (meaning your ship and others).
  • That means that you can peace in the midst of storms that come while on your path to a place that you’ve never been.
  • But it takes faith to get there and just remember that others are counting on your faith.

Scripture Reference
Mark 4: 35-41