Bible Study – 5/30/19

Growing from this Place Subject: Releasing the power and your potential because of the right connection

In this week’s edition of Growing from this Place Bible Study, Pastor Jonathan McKnight looks into the concept of having the ability to unlock your true power and potential through engaging with the right connection. He prefaces the study by taking a look at a personal experience of conveying that situations that happen (good, bad or sad) are directly due to a connection. He also looks at the concept that with being connected to the wrong connection can cripple of the unleashing power that is in you. Here are the key points of this week’s study:

  • Understand that you can be crippled by untapped into potential that hasn’t never evolved into what you can become.
  • (Question) How do you stay in a position or place that keeps you crippled?
  • (Question) How long is this situation going to last?
  • (Question) What or who caused me to be crippled? Why?
  • Sometimes we can connect to people that only carry us to one place of begging.
  • Sometimes we become dependent on being crippled and never reaching that place or potential to obtaining something greater.
  • Growing from this Place is about being in a place that no matter what place God has you and know that you can grow from that place.
  • You can’t allow an atmosphere to contaminate me to where it poisons my faith or my mindset.
  • Connections can cripple you when they can get into your mindset.
  • (Question) Are you going to let a situation that happened in your life to cripple you for the rest of your life, your potential or even your right connection?
  • Sometimes your image can cripple you and often hinder you from tapping into your full potential.
  • (Question) What or who is holding your potential? Why?
  • Staying crippled is not an option.
  • If there is no one around you to challenge you then you become complacent with being crippled.
  • Right connections set the precedence for the understanding that God has you in a place at the right time to come out of being crippled.
  • Right connections know who they are.
  • Right connections’ goal is for you to walk in the best of who you are.
  • Right connections want you release the power that is in within you.
  • Unforgiveness, jealously and haters will cripple you if you allow them to.
  • When you have God, you have the right connection and the power to reach your potential.

Scripture Reference
Acts 3: 1-10