Bible Study – 5/23/19

Growing from this Place Subject: Five ways to profit

In this week’s edition of Growing from this Place Bible Study, Pastor Jonathan McKnight looks into the concept of understanding to profit in God. He prefaces the study with not only defining what profit means, but provides insight into realizing how to truly profit (monetarily and spiritually) through God. Here are the key points of this week’s study:

  • We must tap into or should already be in the system of the true and the almighty God.
  • Deuteronomy 8:18 reference.
  • Your dependencies on man your intelligence, your education ranking, or your job is not enough.
  • You come up with other ways to make a profit.
  • With profit comes a great value of return.
  • The greatest value of return – Matthew 16:26 reference.
  • If you are going to be profit in life and be successful is to understand that your gain is in God.
  • The first seed of your life in order to profit is that you decide that you are going to serve God, not because of His benefits but because you love Him.
  • Giving your life and giving your service to God lays the foundation for your profitability in your life.
  • Our society is bankrupt on sowing good things into each other’s lives, sow positivity and value into each other.
  • If you are going to add value to anyone else’s life, you are going to add value to yours (not necessarily materialistic things).
  • There is profit in prayer, worship, not being messy and having the right posture.
  • Who are you helping profit through the showing of God’s love?
  • Profit definition revisited in looking at the meaning of getting more back than what you spent out.
  • Mistreating others for a gain, actually is a loss.
  • Ask God to teach you how to profit His way.
  • Proverbs 14:23 reference.
  • You can’t go through life just talking about being profitable.
  • You going to have to put some work behind your talk.


  1. You can’t worry about how you started out.
  2. You can’t associate with people that don’t want you to profit.
  3. You can’t get mad when it doesn’t happen according to your schedule.
  4. You can’t expect positive results with a negative spirit.
  5. You have to stop looking in the past like you don’t have a future.

Scripture Reference
Isaiah 48:17; Deuteronomy 8:18; Matthew 16:26; Proverbs 14:23