Bible Study – 5/16/19

Growing from this Place Subject: Soaring in the strong winds of life

In this week’s edition of Growing from this Place Bible Study, Pastor Jonathan McKnight looks into the concept of soaring in the midst of adversity. He prefaces the study with identifying that in life, you will go moments in your life where it seems like it’s a bombardment of adversity. You will go through an overwhelming season or a season of warfare and/or difficulties where the enemy is attacking emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually where you inherit a mindset of fatigue and become weakened and frustrated, and agitated.  

You are going through the strong winds of life. Here are the key points of this week’s study:

  • Why does God allow these tests that appear to weaken you even more?
  • Why would God give the enemy permission to attack you when you are praying for protection and it seems like your faith, loyalty, spiritual muscles, prayer life and your character is tested?
  • How long will it continue and why does it happen?
  • God will sometimes test you until the work is complete in you.
  • He will remove certain parts of you to make you more like Him.
  • He will also detox you from you, your own ideas and plans.
  • No one ever schedule winds in their lives.
  • Satan doesn’t anyone that is not important to God.
  • If you are grieving, you are important to God.
  • When the enemy sees that you are trying to walk before God the right way and that you are not making about you, and the enemy becomes of your abilities to mentor others to help them walk right before God, that’s when strong winds come into your life.
  • 2 Chronicles 16:9 reference.
  • You were place here for God to get the glory out of your life.
  • When you understand that, you can’t operate in selfishness, unforgiveness, deceit, and malice.
  • The enemy is trying to prevent you from where you are soaring regardless of what type of winds you are going through.
  • Oftentimes, you don’t what you are made of until you are going through things. Growing and suffering are beneficial to maturing in God.
  • You must maintain a good character regardless of what things that coming at you.


  1. God never loses control.
  2. He wants to use your trial for you to become closer to Him
  3. He wants you to understand that grace and forgiveness are already in place for your mistakes, failures, bad decisions, sins and the pressure of the warfare.
  4. Your faith cannot fail, and your spirit be broken to the point you get to a place where serving God isn’t important anymore.
  5. You must make it up in your mind that you are going to speak positive professions over your life, see beyond what you can see and that you are going to finish through your storms.

Scripture Reference
Isaiah 40:28-31, 2 Chronicles 16:9