Prayer Thought of the Month

Prayer is therapy for a crippled spirit.

Living the Christian life is no easy task. When journeying through your walk with God, you will find it to be just as rewarding as it is trying. It is in those trying moments where your spirit finds itself broken, beatdown and even crippled.

On the negative side, this can often be because you’ve taken your eyes off of your faith in God and have looked to yourself to get you through a tough situation. However, when the situation becomes more than what you can handle, it causes you to stress, become depressed and feeling helpless. In contrast, God places you in tough situations for the specific purpose for you to rely on Him and not yourself to get through it.

In doing so, you allow God to work is perfect work within, and be strong for you in your moment of weakness, especially when the situation seems to be bigger than you. So when you feel like your backs is against the wall and it appears your spirit is failing you, all you have to do is to turn your heart and your eyes towards God in prayer, you will find out just how much prayer will get through even the most difficult and crippling times of your life.

Scripture Reference

Psalm 56:9-11