Bible Study – 7/11/19

Growing from this Place Subject: My purpose kept me alive

In this week’s edition of Growing from this Place Bible Study, Pastor Jonathan McKnight looks into the concept of purpose. He prefaces the study by first providing its definition, but later interjecting that we all have a purpose. He identifies that purpose is not only something you aim for, but it becomes an action of execution. Here are the key points of this week’s study:

  • When you go forth in purpose, it is something that God has already set.
  • You need to ask God for wisdom for the purpose He has set for your life.
  • You cannot waste time doing other things that is assigned to be a part of your purpose.
  • When you are in your purpose, it will keep you alive.
  • Your purpose begins to give you signals.
  • Purpose sometimes is tested through the adversity once you find it.
  • When you are not in purpose, you will find yourself not going through the same attacks or challenges, or you are not being tested.
  • You also may be in a mindset of selfishness, and you are in a state where you don’t want to help anybody.
  • Oftentimes the enemy can clue you in on what your purpose really is.
  • When you pass certain landmarks in life, and you sustain your will to keep going, you become a threat to the enemy because you are about to invade a territory by which you will affect others.
  • People will begin to act differently towards you because you believe in God and yourself (the God in you).
  • If you and God are good, you still are going to get to where He wants you to be regardless of who come to throw you off your game or hate on you.


  • You must acknowledge that you can’t do nothing without Him.
  • You must always acknowledge Him in all your ways. Your dependency on God must be in everything that you do.
  • Your purpose is going to keep you alive and its going to keep you going.
  • When you have purpose, the enemy will try to get you to take risk outside of the will of God.
  • When you are in purpose, there are certain things that are not going to happen.
  • The only person that can mess up God’s plans for your life is you.
  • Sometimes, before you get to a place, adversity tries to hit you.
  • You can’t let no one throw you off your purpose.

Scripture Reference
Jeremiah 29: 11-12