Bible Study – 3/07/19

Growing from this Place Subject: Growing into a greater season of change

In this week’s edition of Growing from this Place Bible Study, Pastor Jonathan McKnight dives into the concept of change. He begins the study with posing some questions that can often arise when going through the process of a change:

  • How do I grow from a season of change when I’m still trying to adjust to the change?
  • How do I deal with the Hidden change/season?
  • Who can I trust in a season of change? (Trust who you know)

Pastor McKnight follows up these notable questions with very important insertion that with going through a season of change, there is also the possibility that your season change is being met with some adversity. However, Pastor McKnight points out that adversity, often identified as being a negative entity, actually plays an important role of being a crucial part of any divine season.

In conclusion, he offers some key points to take note of whenever you are going through a season of change and growing through adversity. He expresses that,

  • You are growing from a greater season that God has ordered for your life.
  • Sometimes God has to diminish your greatness so you can only depend on Him.
  • Your plans were wrecked by God’s purpose.
  • If God is going to birth greatness in your life, He has to wreck your plans so you can pay attention His plans.
  • Like Mary, you have to have the mindset that at God’s word, be it unto you.

Taking from the relationship between Mary and Elizabeth and taking into account of Elizabeth being pregnant with John the Baptist before Mary was to be pregnant with Jesus, Pastor McKnight invokes that God is not into connecting you with people who are not pregnant with something. You have to connect with those who not only want to see you grow in your season or seasons of change, but to also birth what God has ordered because they’re are the process of birthing something themselves.

Scripture Reference
Luke 1: 26-41