Prayer Thought of the Month

October – Prayer is the stabilizer of your thoughts.

So, God has given you a word that He is going to bless you with something that you have been praying for, but He didn’t say when. You’re happy that He has spoken and has given the answer you’ve been waiting for, but you’re feeling somewhat nervous and anxious because He hasn’t specified the time frame on when it’s going to come to pass.

Sure, you have dates (whether set by either you or some other entity) in mind in which you would like for it to happen, but it seems as though God’s not moving according to your schedule. Your faith and your belief in what God has spoken to you starts to waiver and your mind tends to become your biggest enemy throughout the process of waiting on Him.

When waiting on God to do something incredible in your life that extends far beyond to capabilities to get it done, Satan tries to fill your mind with doubt, which in turn, will cause you to worry and stress over whether or not God is going to perform His promise to you. With this is in mind, here is where the importance of prayer shines ever so brightly.

It is through persistent and consistent communication with God where you can talk with Him and be reassured that as long as you trust in His process, keep your mind stayed on Him and hold onto what He has said, God will keep your mind (thoughts) stable and in perfect peace throughout the waiting. However, the key here is to make it up in your mind either you’re going to trust Him or not.

In the book James, it is made perfectly clear when it states,

8) A double-minded man is unstable in all his ways.

James 1:8 – King James Version

So, prayer is vital to your success in obtaining whatever God has promised to you. Whether it’s a new home, a car or everlasting life, prayer is the essential ingredient to remaining stable in your faith in God’s word, while waiting on His divine timing when things tend to get rocky when you allow your emotions to supersede your faith.

Scripture Reference
Isaiah 26:3-4