Prayer Thought of the Month

January 2020 – Prayer is the conduit to unlocking God’s wisdom in handling major matters of your life.

Now that 2020 is here, it’s pretty safe to say that there are important decisions to be made about important matters concerning the direction in which you want your life go. With the start of a fresh, new decade upon us, it is likely that you want to take this time to assess what has happened, where you been and how far you’ve come over the past decade to get to the point to where the next move or moves you make in your life could be either extremely detrimental or beneficial.

Whatever the case may be, it is important to know that when it comes to making groundbreaking decisions over matters that can prove to be fatal if handle improperly, it’s best not to rely solely on your own intellect to arrive to a suitable conclusion. Simply relating or relying on past experiences to guide you with current situations is not always a solid way to justify how you should proceed.

Each situation has it’s own identity regardless of similarities, and taking an old approach to new matter may not necessarily work. With that being said, one assured approach you can take to ensure that you make the right decision for any occasion or situation is through consulting with God through prayer.

Prayer opens the door for you to allow God to direct you in how you should respond and navigate whatever matters you are faced with. Through prayer, God’s wisdom has the ability to overshadow your mental institution so that you can have the best chance of ending up on the right side of matter at hand instead of the wrong one.

Proverbs Chapter 3, versus 5 through 6, sets the tone that we need not to go off our own intellect, but solely trust in the Lord with His infinite wisdom to direct us in the way that we should go in making the best decisions possible. Contrary to this, Proverbs Chapter 14, verse 12 identifies that by relying solely on our decision-making abilities to handle important matters, has the potential to lead them to a far worse state than what they were previously in.

So as you move forward into you the new year, whatever direction you’re looking to go in life in 2020 make sure that you consult with our Heavenly Father through prayer first. By doing so, you can ensure that the paths you take will be the best ones.

Scripture Reference
Proverbs 3:5-6; 14:12