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Senior Pastor of Sanctuary of Praise Ministries

Pastor Jonathan L. McKnight is the founding pastor of Sanctuary of Praise Ministries of Orlando, Florida and President and Founder of Jonathan L. McKnight Ministries, based out of Orlando, FL. He is an anointed, caring preacher, evangelist, teacher, conference speaker and facilitator who resides in "The City Beautiful" with his son, Jonathan II.

As a philanthropist, Pastor McKnight is continually involved in local, national, and international mission outreach projects. He also delivers the Word of God to people around the world through television appearances on the Trinity Broadcast Network (TBN).

As a result of his service to the Kingdom of God, thousands of souls have been won to the Body of Christ. He is also a successful author of several highly-inspirational and motivational books (including audio) for both spiritual and personal growth.

His collection of spiritual and personal growth books include: Positioned 4 Purpose with the Seven Payers of Purpose Companion CD and Prayer is a Must with the Seven Prayers of Victory Companion CD> For relationship growth, he authored the 30 Days of Marriagebook as well as theI Did It in the Name of Lovebook that is accompanied with a CD, bearing the same title, of songs in which he wrote as well.



Dr. McKnight holds two gold keys to the City of Orlando, presented to him by the Mayor’s and City Commissioner’s offices for community development and outreach services. He is also the recipient of multiple Good Citizenship Awards from the Orlando Police Department.

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