Bible Study – 3/21/19

Growing from this Place Subject: Have the understanding of knowing where you are and what season it is in your life

In this week’s edition of Growing from this Place Bible Study, Pastor Jonathan McKnight delves into the principle importance of understanding the season in which you are in. Oftentimes you find yourself in certain situations that may spark a shift or a change in your life. However, you have make sure and be certain that you keep your trust in God during your different seasons of uncertainty in your life where He will be able to guide your pathway through them.

With that in mind, Pastor McKnight starts the study off by taking a look into 2 Kings, Chapter 7 where we find 4 lepered men who found themselves in a tough season where things weren’t looking too good for them. Death seemed as though it was knocking at their door. But they took a moment to realize where were and reasoned among themselves to come to the conclusion that they can either die where they were, or enter into another city of famine and die there, or take the risk of dying by the hands of the Syrians or be spared in a place where they can live.

Through their faith, the Lord provided covering for them while entering in the camp of the Syrians in such a way that they were able to find provision through God’s protection. Pastor McKnights provides some key points to focus on as he breakdowns this story of these 4 lepered men to identify the nature of their situation and to expound on the cruciality of what it means to understand where you are the season you in even when it seems like the odds are stacked against you. He states,

  • They were in sickness or had an infirmity; they were lepers.
  • They were not socially accepted because of who they were and what they had.

He proposes that even though you have things against you or neglected by people who disregard you because you don’t appear to be on their level. But you have to realize that God will take you through some situations where have realize the state of the moment that you are encountering. Pastor McKnight expresses in three way that you could,

  • Be preparing for a moment.
  • To be in a moment
  • Or to creating a moment

Pastor McKnight follows up this with expressing that if you are waiting on God, then you are preparing for a moment. You have to position yourself to understand that while waiting, you have start making preparations to receive what you are believing in God to do in your life. Many times you will find yourself in situations where you are not going to be liked by everybody and you’re not going to appear like you have it all together. But in spite of what it looks like, in spite of who may not want to be around you or be for you, you have trust Go and refuse to die (or settle for) in your famine/situation/circumstance and die trying (pursuing) to live.

In conclusion, Pastor McKnight recaps on the three types of moments by corresponding them with the moves that the 4 lepers made that entailed:

  • Choosing to not die where they were (being in a moment) or in a place where there was a famine,
  • But at least trying for a place (creating a moment) where they could potentially die in there enemy’s camp
  • Or potentially live (preparing for a moment) and stumble across abundance and provision if their lives were spared.

You have to make it up in your mind that regardless of what season you’re going through in your life, understand the moment you’re in. Don’t allow yourself to die in your current circumstance or around people that are not speaking life into your life. Trust God in the moment you’re in and prepare for Him to make a way for you to live in a season where people thought you would die.

Scripture Reference
2 Kings 7: 3-20