Bible Study – 6/13/19

Growing from this Place Subject: Bent, broken but not defeated

In this week’s edition of Growing from this Place Bible Study, Pastor Jonathan McKnight looks into understanding the concept of being bent, broken but not defeated. He prefaces the study with offering up a series of questions that often arise when you are going through tough situations in life that leave in you in awkward, unfamiliar and uncomfortable position of brokenness. Here are the key points of this week’s study:

  • (Question) How do you grow from a bent over place?
  • (Question) How do you handle these things in your life when it seems your life is going in the wrong direction?
  • (Question) How do you even keep your sanity?
  • (Question) You often ask, why are you in this position?
  • (Question) How do you handle situations or your life when it seems like it is a spirit of brokenness or heaviness?
  • (Question) How do you recover from what is and what was?
  • Looking at the definition of infirmity as it pertains to being in a place of brokenness or being bent in life.
  • (Question) What do you do when helplessness comes in?
  • Just because you feel helpless, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have a helper.
  • God is your helper in your helplessness.
  • (Question) What do you do when you are bent and broken?
  • You must understand that you serve a God who can give you the power to renew your mind.
  • You must be in place where God hangs out, where deliverance is and restoration.
  • When God has something for you, no one can place a timeframe on it for when it supposed to happen.
  • You must be loosed from the negative things that make you look at life in totally different way other than what God wants you to see.
  • You must make it up in your mind when you are believing in God to do something in your life, you are going to stand on His word, regardless if you’re bent or broken, but you are not defeated.

Scripture Reference
Luke 13: 10-14